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François Brenot selects the best skins for you and has his models manufactured in prestigious Florentine workshops.

On the strength of its reputation, Italian leather has risen to the top of the most prestigious leathers in the world.

Since the thirteenth century, leather crafmasters have been trained in this craft in specialized ancestral schools, located in the heart of Tuscany, the stronghold of their know-how: handmade and high quality leather.

True Tradition, this craftsmanship is transmitted through time, and this is how often confronts in the middle of the workshops, up to 3 generations of Master Craftsman.

For decades, our leathers have been carefully selected by François Brenot, who visits Tuscan workshops and tanneries every month to find the rare pearls of leather.

Our full grain leather, the noblest part, offers, in addition to its qualities of strength and durability recognized throughout the world; a particularly aesthetic and very appreciated grain: this leather conveys all the natural marks of the animal, a true signature of the quality of the bag, making it unique.

Always on the lookout for new trends, François Brenot offers you his selection of Artisan Florentines each month, with novelty, colors and always innovative formats.

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